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If we haven’t met before, we’re Cynthia and Steve.

Artists, writers, travelers, cat lovers, tequila drinkers and probably a few other skills and bad habits in the mix.

Join us on our mid-life crisis journey as we try and figure out just who we want to be, now that we’re all grown up and stuff.

Maasai Giraffe, Tarangire National Park


Such a big, beautiful world to explore. We are in our third year now in Tanzania, and it just keeps getting better! Join us on safari, take an art workshop while out in the bush, spend time at the Indian Ocean in an exotic, tropical locale – we can help you with all of it! Or, just follow our adventure – we love having you be a part of our journey in whatever way you can.


As longtime professional artists, we are always aware of how the environment influences our creations. Now living in East Africa, we recognize that the majestic beauty of our new home inspires and influences our daily life, whether painting, designing, writing, or developing opportunities to share what we’ve discovered with others.

Read about the upcoming Art Safari, too, in November of 2024 – an experience that will impact your creative journey in a wonderful way! 


Sometimes it’s for sipping, sometimes you put it in the sauce. It started as a joke and now it’s a way of life!

Read about our favourite tequilas here, and how it occasionally influences our art or ends up in our dinner. What we like best about this habit of ours is that we’ve made it well-known among our friends, and everyone who visits brings us a bottle.  That worked out well, didn’t it?!

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