Travel, Art and Tequila

Travel, Art and Tequila

We’re glad you found us!

If we haven’t met before, we’re Cynthia and Steve.

Artists, writers, travelers, cat lovers, tequila drinkers and probably a few other skills and bad habits in the mix.

Join us on our mid-life crisis journey as we try and figure out just who we want to be, now that we’re all grown up and stuff.



Such a big, beautiful world to explore. Africa is our muse… First stop – Tanzania. Heading there this fall to check it out as a place to settle down for a while, maybe even longer.


Professional artists, constantly in need of that next cool thing to keep us inspired and the creative juices flowing.

Read about upcoming Art Safaris, too!


Sometimes it’s for sipping, sometimes you put it in the sauce.

Read about our favourite tequilas here, and how it occasionally influences our art or ends up in our dinner

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