Tequila Talks with Steve…

Better yet we should title this ‘Tequila Talks TO Steve’ – it whispers his name at the oddest hours, temptress that she is.

Here you will find the occasional review of some of our favourites. We don’t mix it with anything – it must be consumed neat, from a glass that makes you happy.

We’re not talking about that tequila you drank in your twenties that you shot with salt and lime, or mixed with sugar-laden sweet and sour Margarita mix. Or poured on your stomach to be, well never mind. You get the idea. This is not about that tequila.

We’re talking lovely reposados and añejos, like drinking a fine scotch, if you’re of that bent.

Most everyone knows that tequila is from Mexico, and just like champagne it is produced in a relatively small area. Anything produce outside of this area cannot officially be called Tequila.

We decided to pick a place to relocate that is almost as far away from Mexico that you can get to ensure that we would always be paying double from here on out for our favourite beverage. Sometimes our life decisions make absolutely no sense.

So, welcome to ‘Tequila Talks’, and stay tuned for upcoming reviews. Headed to the liquor store now…

Steve takes his job very seriously!

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