Travel, Art and Tequila


After a successful run of 25 years as professional artists, we have decided to reinvent ourselves (again!) and are joining the masses who are selling everything to have a completely different kind of adventure. The gallery has been sold, one of the cars will head to a new home this summer, and anything that’s left has to fit in a 10×20 storage unit.

After pondering for many months what to call this new experience we finally decided to name it after the three things that represent us best at this point in our lives. Hence the name ‘Travel, Art and Tequila’!

What is this going to look like, you ask? We hardly know ourselves, but there will be travel first and foremost as we do our best to relocate to Tanzania. I am excited to live that expat life I’ve been after ever since giving it up in 1988 and moving back to the states from Belgium.  And we will be exploring beyond Tanzania too since we’ll have to do a border crossing every three months until that pesky permit and visa problem gets sorted.

And there will be art because that is who we are at our core. We will be creating using new sources of inspiration that come from exotic travels and are excited to see what manifests. We plan to take our art business online so that is available to those who want it without having to come to our gallery (although we will miss that part tremendously, but now we’re kinda looking forward to hanging out with giraffes and the like). In addition to that we are working on developing art safaris for any creatives that would like to have a unique experience in a setting that provides a different kind of adventure. These trips will be a chance to experience the beauty of Tanzania while artistically documenting one’s travels. Sounds awesome, right?

Tequila. What can we say – it is now integral to our lives which is how it ended up getting a mention in this new life adventure. It will work its way in to my stories (seeing as it is often an instigator in how these tales unfold anyway), in the form of reviews and probably show up in a recipe or two. My grilled shrimp marinated in tequila, garlic and spices is pretty awesome if I do say so myself!

There will be a You Tube station because, why not? It is called ‘Where Are Cynthia and Steve’ and has been secured but not yet published. It is why I am currently on the Noom diet right now because I was getting tired of screaming in horror every time I saw myself on video. Next up – a decent haircut – there’s been a lot of screaming about that too. Steve now has a drone and a GoPro and is ready to capture this new life on film, so I need to get my act together!

And yes, Marley the cat will be coming with us, in case you were wondering. She is quite excited about getting back to her ancestral roots, and we are excited for her. So there you have it! Check back soon as our website develops. We were smart enough to contract with Lynne of Emasai Web Design to do that for us which is the only way this baby will get off the ground. Did I mention that we are super excited about this new chapter? We can’t wait to share this with you!